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BLOG: Have you seen Theo yet?

Theo the microcamper joins the Harrogate Motorhomes fleet

Annette Wingate, the proud new owner of "Theo"

Annette Wingate, the proud new owner of “Theo”

Have you seen Theo yet?

He’s compact, tidy for his age and we think he’s really rather cute.

His namesake and our newest addition to the Harrogate Motorhomes fleet is pretty impressive too…

Our Subaru microcamper is named after the Dragon who gave us a massive lift at the beginning of the year by choosing us from more than a thousand for a mention on his Small Business Sunday initiative on Twitter.

And, what’s more, it looks like I’m going to be able to say thank you to Mr Paphitis in person as I’ve been invited to a gathering for Small Business Sunday winners next month.

Obviously, it would be great to introduce the two Theo’s to each other but the most important thing will be saying a huge thank you to Dragons’ Den Theo whose support helped us to win over £15,000 worth of new business in a few days, which means we’re now well ahead on forecast and looking forward to a fantastic year.

There is another person to thank so please step forward Anna Glazier who won our competition to name our latest vehicle.

There were plenty of other creative entries too and we’re grateful to all of you who took the time and trouble to come up with ideas.

But, if I’m honest, as soon as Anna came up with Theo, it was always going to be a tough one to beat. It’s a great way to recognise the difference having a Dragon on your side can make and the debt we owe to an entrepreneur who is prepared to put something back by helping small businesses.

I love spreading smiles as I toot around Harrogate in Theo.  Please give us a cheery wave if you see us!



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When Theo met Theo

Have you seen Theo yet?


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